Author Topic: Flea Market Rules & Regulations(READ BEFORE POST)  (Read 929 times)


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Flea Market Rules & Regulations(READ BEFORE POST)
« on: January 29, 2015, 09:41:05 PM »
Welcome to myKopitiam Flea Market.

Please READ CAREFULLY the rules and regulations below before start purchasing or selling your desired product in myKopitiam flea market. will not be responsible on any trade/transaction that made by user here.

-Please note that myKopitiam flea market only allow user to sell and buy your desired item. Do not start with topic that not related to selling/buying/trading(Eg. Start the thread by asking about the particular product,quality and etc.) in this category or it will be directly removed without notice. If user found violating this rules, user will be ban/suspend for certain period depending on how many time the user violated the community rules.

-PROBIHITED ITEMS are STRICTLY not allowed to be sold here, often because they're illegal or involve strict federal or state regulations. User caught selling prohibited items will lead to punishment such as account suspension.
List of prohibited items:-
   Firearms, weapons, and knives.
   Offensive material, which includes items that are racially or ethnically inappropriate.
   Prohibited services, which include services that are illegal or sexual in nature or that violate the myKopitiam User Agreement.

-User that wish to sell or buy item here must include the tag in front of the thread. Please include [WTS] for selling and [WTB] for buying in order to prevent confusion.

-Do not create or spam the post by posting the same thread of item to be sale/buy. If you do so, your post will be removed directly and warning will be given.

-Please becareful with the community people that you dealing with. If you wish to deal through banking in money to the dealer account no matter it is senior member or moderator of myKopitiam we remind you that will not be responsible for any transaction that been made.
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