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Dear myKopitiam member, we advise you to read carefully all of the rules and consequences stated below to prevent any abusement or violation towards the community.

Rules and Regulation:

By using this discussion forum, the end-user agrees to abide by all of the following rules and regulations. Failure to do so will result in immediate action as described in the consequences section at the bottom of this page.

The following items are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED at any time or in any place on this discussion forum unless otherwise noted.

- Use of profanities or vulgarities. Swearing is not allowed in this forum as well. A warning or ban will be given by myKopitiam moderator/staff if you are found/reported violating this rules.

- Advertising of products, services, Web sites, or other forum. Unless the group you're posting to is dedicated to advertising Web sites or other such things, you may not post a message that strictly advertises anything for personal or financial gain unless you have been given permission by a forum official.

- Personally attacking another user or users. You have the right to express your opinion, but on this forum, you may not offend the other user to do so.

- Posting nudity or offensive content in myKopitiam community including signatures and avatars is not allowed all the time in myKopitiam community.

- Posting redundant messages ("spamming"). You may not post the same message twice on the forum, whether you're posting to the same group or multiple groups. Pick the most appropriate group and post one message there. Altering messages slightly does not necessarily remove the redundancy of the message.

- Posting off-topic messages. You should make sure the group you are posting to is of the same topic as your post. Pick the most appropriate group for your message. Note: any general discussion groups are not "catch alls". They are still subject to all rules. However, you are granted more freedom of appropriate topic selection in these groups.

- Illegal activity. Any topic that condones, exploits, or makes use of illegal material is illegal here as well. Asking for or distributing illegal software is an example of such an activity.

- Fake news unless you have the sources provided and you must attached it along (No matter it is link or image) or else myKopitiam staff have the right to remove the post and suspend/ban the user. Don't yell "fire" or create panic by posting threatening messages that have no valid basis or merit. Do not force your beliefs or values on anyone. You may persuade others only if the persuasion is for a just cause deemed appropriate by a forum official. For example, persuading someone to stop smoking is OK, but persuading someone to change their religion is probably not a topic that is generally acceptable on this forum. Express your opinion, but do not attempt to force it onto others.


If you VIOLATE any of the above forum rules, myKopitiam staff have the right to take action according to the consequences stated below.

- Message deletion and/or warning. Messages that violate the above rules can and will be terminated. In some cases, you may be warned of your actions. The goal of the forum official is to stop subsequent violations.

- Message or user editing. If the forum official is able to, they may edit your message or forum profile so it coincides with the forum rules. Please note that this is unlikely since edit capabilities are reserved for the forum administrator.

- Thread starter that violate the rules above will straight away be ban for 30 days plus with the total reply on the thread(If 10 reply on the particular thread means 30 + 10 days of ban) without warning and other user that reply on the thread will be ban by counting how many reply the user posted. Banning duration for user that reply to that particular thread will be counted by post. 1 day ban per reply/post.

- User suspension/ban. Users that severely abuse the forum or intentionally violate the rules many times are subject to suspension/ban. Suspension/ban will be evaluate by how many time user abuse or violate the forum rules. Banning duration will be depending on user abusement and violance on the forum while suspension will prevents users from accessing the forum. Suspension/banned user will not be tolerate.


myKopitiam Team.
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