Author Topic: DotA 2 TI5 weather effect  (Read 803 times)


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DotA 2 TI5 weather effect
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DotA 2 TI5 weather effect
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I was thinking earlier about what Pants said in the Friday Diary about there being a bit of a skill gap developing, and that could be a problem. I may have a solution. There are several stages, but its not actually as complicated as it sounds.

1 Skill rankings.

The first step is to rank ourselves on skill level. It doesnt have to be super accurate or granular or anything. I was thinking three tiers, which I have comedically named:


Someone who either has never played DOTA2 before or is still in their first few dozen games. You are still getting to grips with the basics of the game. Maybe you dont know your Nukes from your Carrys. Maybe you dont know why you should be trying to last hit. Maybe you dont understand why people in your team are suddenly shouting "BOTTOM BOTTOM" and think they are just being puerile. Its not something to be embarrassed by, literally every DOTA player was there once.


You understand the basics but havent put in the time to get good. This is probably going to be the largest category. Maybe you know that you should be last hitting, you just are not very good at it. You might sometimes feed a bit, but you at least know that you are doing something wrong when you do. You probably still rely on guides to buy the right gear, but at least you understand why you are being told to buy the things you buy. You are rarely the best player in the game, but you are not always the worst either.


You might not be going to the International any time soon, but by 5punky standards you know your shit. You have put in a decent amount of time playing DOTA and are at least passingly familiar with all the characters available. You are usually clearly one of the best players in a 5punky game, and should probably be banned from playing as characters like Sniper.

Despite the silly naming scheme, this is not meant to imply that Newbs are worthless or anything silly like that. Its just a way to sort players. I would suggest that people set their own categories, but try to be honest about it. Dont say you are a Casual because you are too humble to proclaim yourself to be Pro. This whole idea only works if people are honest; excessive modesty or embarrassed exaggeration will bugger it right up.

2 Dont randomise teams.

I know we tend to stick everyone in a slot and hit shuffle in an attempt to be fair, but if we have people at opposite ends of the skill spectrum that is not going to work any longer. Shuffling and ending up with a team of new and less confident players against Roman, Bali, S2B et al is no fun for either side. This is where the above ranking system comes into play. My suggestion is to make the teams like normal, hit shuffle and then tweak it for balance. Ideally there should be the same number of people from each rank on each side. When there are uneven numbers of players, try to balance it by putting the least skilled with the most skilled. This way although there is still a skill gap between players, there is no skill gap between teams.

3 Pick lanes

Ive not played for a while, so maybe we have gotten better at this, but we tend to start the game and just have everyone run for lanes. Theoretically this is fine, as someone will normally point out if three of us have gone in the same direction or if we have ended up with two carrys in one lane or something. I think it would be better if we organised this a bit before hand though. I would suggest the most experienced player on a team goes mid lane, then the top and bottom lane matches a Casual player with a newb. This way the best player is matched against the best player, so is more likely to have a fun challenging time and the least experienced players have someone to help them out and give advice.

What do you lot think? Obviously its not always going to work and it doesnt take into account anything after the lane phase of the game, but its better than nothing. Even if nothing else, I think implementing number 2 by itself would improve things a bunch.