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10 common names in Malaysia
« on: March 10, 2015, 12:16:25 AM »
1. Eugene
First on the list, and very well put too! Go to your Facebook right now and tell me you don’t have ATLEAST 3 Eugenes there.
2. Jonathan
Having so many friends named Jonathan, most of them are actually not that bad looking.
3. Shaun/Shawn/Sean
With 3 homonyms, it no wonder they are taking over the world!
4. Kelvin/Kevin
Having friends with these two names can be confusing. And don’t get me started with another homonym, Calvin.
5. Jason
The many Jasons in Malaysia come in all shapes, sizes, colour and characters. There are no name associations, because one Jason can be relatively shy, while the other as loud as *insert curse here*, and some, a serial killer from Friday the 13th.
6. Daniel
Daniels are usually the smarter one in the group. They are either book smart, street smart or even both!
7. Eric
They are the nicer guys who make very good friends. Eric is someone you can count on to when you need companionship or a helping hand. Eric, you deserve a thumbs up
8. Bryan
Bryans are sophisticated and well-spoken individuals who makes an effective communicator. Usually a man of class or charisma.
9. Jeremy
Often gives the wrong first impression. However, once you get to know them better, you may find that they are a pretty interesting person. They know how to party and often will be the person who livens up any occasion.
10. Melvin
Aka the Chill Guy. Melvins are usually laid back people who are not easily affected by things.

Source from WorldOfBuzz