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Pocky Japan not Halal
« on: March 20, 2015, 12:22:06 PM »

Pocky in Japan]

For the quick review..
Many people interested to buy Pocky from Japan for souvenir, even Japanese itself, loves pocky very much. Unfortunately, Pocky (ポッキ)ー The Japanese snack food produced by Ezaki Glico which first sold in 1966 and consists of chocolate-coated biscuit sticks is HARAM (for now)

We confirmed by phone directly to the company (17/03/2015) about the emulsifier they used and the answer were they used animal based emulsifier and animal shortening (lard, etc) which is derived from Pig and other animals. Please be careful and share this with your friend.

And when you see pocky in your home country, please make sure to check did they secure the halal certification or not.

Keep it Halal

UPDATE 19/03/2015:

Concerning the news of halal status of Pocky products that spreads outside Japan (especially Indonesia), here we would like to emphasize that:

1. The Pocky product mentioned as "NOT HALAL" in this page is the Pocky product that is produced and sold in JAPAN.

2. For Pocky products sold in INDONESIA, some are produced in and imported from Thailand, which is certified HALAL.

3. For other countries, please kindly confirm halal certification in your country or contact the Pocky producer (Glico) directly.

Please note that in JAPAN, it is a common practice for Muslim people to check the halal status of a food product by checking the ingredients and by direct confirmation (usually phone call) to the food company.

Ingredients are also always subject to change by the company. Therefore, we (insha Allah) regularly update any information regarding this issue. Those products which are halal today might be haram in the future. Or, vice versa, those which are haram today might be halal in the future because of the changes in the ingredients. This is also a common feature of checking halal status of a food product in Japan.

We kindly ask all people who comments on this page to keep a good manner in the discussion. Please understand the different food production process in Japan and in your country.


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Re: Pocky Japan not Halal
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sos dari mana?


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Re: Pocky Japan not Halal
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cant remmebr ! from some halal site i think