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Zurich Omni Health (medical card)
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“The sales of Weight Management services in Malaysia saw a 141% growth from 2009 to 2014.”
Sales of Consumer Health by Category: Value Growth 2009-2014,
Consumer Health in Malaysia,
Euromonitor International
“The Organic Malaysia Directory listing of organic food operators grew by 24% from 2012 to 2014.”
Organic Malaysia Directory, 2014
“In 2014, the annual medical inflation rate for Malaysia was 11%.”
Aon Hewitt 2015 Global Medical Trend Rate,
Survey Report
“1 in 3 Malaysians (33.3%) aged 18 years
and above are classified as pre-obese.”
National Health and Morbidity Survey
The importance of health and wellness is also emphasized in the government’s blueprint, which includes strategies on leading a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. As an individual, you understand the need to maintain good health in order
to experience life to its fullest with your loved ones. You try your best to eat right, have adequate sleep and
exercise regularly.
Nonetheless, you can’t ignore the fact that as Malaysia heads towards a more advanced and competitive nation, stress-induced health disorders could be on the rise. Adding to the pressure is the inflation of medical costs, which outpaces interest rates and wages.
At Zurich Insurance, we took note of these complexities and designed Zurich Insurance. (Omni Health) - a comprehensive medical plan that rewards you when you stay healthy, besides covering your medical bills. Should you have a particular health setback at the point of purchasing this plan, Zurich (Omni Health) will help you get your health back on track.
Reasons to sign up with Omni Health:
1. No Claims Bonus gives you 10% cash back (yearly)
on the premiums paid. From the 2nd policy year onwards, the annual cash back is payable in the policy year if no claims were made in its preceding policy year. This gives you all the more reason to stay fit and healthy!
2. Wellness Reward Programme & Health Optimiser offers discounts to help you stay healthy & reward you as you get better.
Zurich Insurance Malaysia .
(Contact us by message us for a quote on your Omni Health)