Author Topic: Scaldarsi Emperor I – based on the Mercedes-Maybach S600; only 10 in the world;  (Read 316 times)


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Scaldarsi Motors is a relatively new international manufacturing and design firm, with the mission “to create unsurpassed masterpieces of art.” Well, what you’re looking at here is their first creation – the Emperor I – based on the Mercedes-Maybach S 600, and it could be the most extravagant thing on four wheels.

Visually, certain design cues from the S 600 can still be clearly seen like the headlamps and tail lamps. Everything else however, is completely bespoke, beginning with that imposing front-end that features a sizeable grille, large air curtain intakes and additional LED DRLs.

Down the sides, air outlets have been carved into the car’s bodywork aft of the front wheels, and are aligned with the lines of the sculpted doors. Wild-looking wheels are also part of the getup here, which appear to leave very little room between the tyres and the sidewalls.

The rear meanwhile, is a little less “crazy,” with just a diffuser element being added, and the ‘Maybach’ lettering being replaced by a more appropriate ‘Emperor’. Finishing touches here include Scaldarsi badges on the grille, C-pillars and trunk, the latter of which is accompanied by the company’s lettering.

In case you’re wondering, those “gold-looking” bits on various parts of the exterior are in fact made of 24-karat gold, to further drive home the point that the Emperor “portrays the essence of magnificence,” according to Scaldarsi.

Under the bulging hood is a 6.3 litre twin-turbo V12 taken straight from the Brabus Rocket 900, which develops 888 hp and an unknown number of torque. Scaldarsi is claiming a 0-96 km/h sprint time of just 3.7 seconds for the Emperor I. The company also notes that the exhaust “allows for a pitching road that echoes through the road, focusing all eyes on the one and only.”

With such an extravagant exterior, you’d imagine the interior to follow suit, right? Well, you’re absolutely right because the wealth of customisation options available is borderline excessive. For instance, there are 24 colours for the leather upholstery, 24 exotic animal leathers, 78 types of wood veneers and 16 exterior body colours to choose from.

If that isn’t enough, Scaldarsi will even offer you a closed tote bag made of the finest leather, an Emperor Edition Rolex watch and bespoke key fobs to match your Emperor I purchase. For those with the capacity, the starting price of the Emperor I is USD$1.5 million (RM 5,990,775), and there will only be 10 in the entire world, so you best be quick.

The 10 units of the Emperor I will be the first entry to Scaldarsi’s Emperor Collection, which will consist of 110 vehicles ranging from 11 models from various manufactures. According to the company’s website, there will be an Emperor II (Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupe), Emperor III (Bentley Bentayga), Emperor IV (Mercedes-AMG G 65) and Emperor V (Bugatti Chiron).